Lil Durk Rocking With Famous Dex

Lil Durk is down with the “Put The Guns Down” movement in Chicago. Durk sat down with The Breakfast Club to say he supports the anti-police brutality efforts in the country, but he much rather focus on home base first.

“Before I come to New York and L.A. and start this protest, I’ma get home straight first,” he said. “Like the stuff going on in Chicago, we on the verge of getting it right. Everybody who got a voice in Chicago, we on the verge of getting everything right. People from different gangs and people who got voices come together.”

Durk hopes to get different gang factions put their differences to the side for the kids coming up. Dex mentioned he has no problem with Famous Dex who happens to be from arrival gang faction.

“Just like Famous Dex, another guy from Chicago, they looking at him like we from two different sides,” he said. “I respect him cause in his interviews he say, ‘I f**k with Durk.’”

Dex previously said a song collaboration with Lil Durk would change the game during an interview with HoustonHipHopFix.

“If me and Durk get together, it’d f**k the world up,” he said. “I’m serious. If me and Lil Durk did a song together and dropped it, it’d f**k the world up. …If everybody can come with each other, just get with each other, help each other, I think Chicago… everybody would try to do it. People look up to us. …The Game and 50 Cent would do an album.”

Dex said he ran into Lil Durk at the BET Awards and it was all love during an interview with SayCheeseTV. It was the first the two seen each other since high school.

“I saw Durk at the BET Awards,” he said. “Wasn’t no security guards. Wasn’t no paparazzi. I saw Durk, it was me and Rich, and it was Durk and his mans. When that n***a looked at me, we started smiling at each other. I said, ‘Bro, I couldn’t wait to see yo ass.’ What I got against Durk? That was my mans. We went to school with each other.

Dex went on to say he told Durk to get ‘blessed’ tatted on his neck.