Lil Durk’s Mistress Disses Dej Loaf Over Alleged Relationship

Lil Durk’s mistress Romina Kdashian is upset with the OTF rapper’s alleged relationship with Dej Loaf. Romina says she and Durk are just close friends, but a video of the two in bed suggests otherwise.

Romina took to IG to throw a bunch of subliminal jabs at the Detroit femcee.

“You guys we didnt F*ck y’all are petty. #PettyH*es #JustAPicture #N*ggawhere @dejloaf who #itiedyonigga

“A picture, that’s it, that’s all #FansCrazy #itriedyon*gga

“@dejloaf who #Dejloaf #letaniggatryme,” the captions on her posts read.

Dej Loaf is also having problems of her own. Dej’s rumored girlfriend Angeleah Speights is lashing out against the “Try Me” singer’s alleged relationship with Lil Durk, All Hip Hop reports.

Speights has long been rumored to be the girlfriend of the Detroit femcee. Dej has been dogged with rumors of her sexuality ever since she shot to stardom.

Speight’s IG post was emotionally driven:

“I guess the new thing now is to fake it until you make it. Fake what you got. Fake who you in love with. Fake your character. Fake your pride. Fake what you believe in because of what others might perceive you as. …I just can’t go out like that. I can only be me. Not hiding s**t.”

In her caption, she added:

“The most unattractive thing to me is for someone not to be who they really are. Just All these closets and no clothes. Thank g-d I’m confident in who I am I might have insecurities but they don’t define me.”