Lil Durk Disses Lil JoJo, P. Rico Responds

It appears Lil’ Durk won’t let slain Chicago MC Lil’ JoJo rest in peace.

The Coke Boy rapper wrote a subliminal tweet mocking the “Have It All” rapper’s tragic death.

“Banshee is da best bikes

“Mite still be alive if he had a banshee lol!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lil’ Durk wrote.

Lil’ JoJo met his untimely demise after he was murdered in a hail of gunfire as he was riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike.

P. Rico, a close friend of Lil’ JoJo, caught wind of the tweet and slammed the Def Jam artist.

“N—– HAPPY DEY LEARNED A NEW WORD BANDSHEE, N—- YHU A B—- ON GRANDMA STICK TA SINGING H— A– RAPPER!!!!!!!!!!! #P—-,” The “Hang Wit Me” rapper wrote.

This isn’t the first time Durk was accused of mocking Lil’ JoJo’s murder.

It was presumed Durk took a shot at JoJo in “This Ain’t What You Want” single due to questionable lyrics.

The lyrics, in question, take aim at the BDK movement, an acronym for Black Disciple Killer, popularized by Lil’ JoJo.

“A n—- claiming 300 add a k you done,” Lil’ Durk raps.

Lil’ JoJo made the highly infamous track “3HunnaK,” which took aim at the Black Disciple street gang, namely members Lil’ Reese and Lil’ Durk.

“These n—– claim 300, but we BDK!” he raps in the song’s hook.

“Durk said f— Bricksquad, so I can’t wait to catch. Squeeze this f—— 40 now they got him on a stretcher,” he later raps in the song.

It was alleged that this song led to the tragic death of the “You Can Have It All” rapper.

Lil’ Durk took to Twitter in April to slam the BDK movement and promote his new song.

“F*ck who Eva say 300k lol y’all broke ni**as want have a chance to see 300k$$$ #disaintwhatyouwant drop 2ma rt

In that same tweet, P. Rico blasted Durk, saying “I BLEW DAT ALREADY GOOFY F— 300 B—- I AM BRICKSQUAD!!!!!!! #DIE LZ.”

Lil Durk repeats the controversial line again from new single in tweet.

“Ni**as claim 300 add a k u done #disaintwhatyouwant dropping 2ma world premier wit @DJTIMBUCK2 at #5pm,” Durk wrote.

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