Lil Durk Announces June Release Date For ‘Remember My Name’

Fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer for the release of Lil Durk’s debut album “Remember My Name.” But only for a few weeks. Durk took to social media tell fans he is now releasing his project in June.

“Sorry for the wait June2nd #RememberMyNameAlbum drops,” Durk wrote on Twitter.

Lil Durk told fans they have a lot to look forward to with the release of his debut album “Remember My Name.”

Durk said his debut is better than all of his mixtapes combined in an April IG post.

Durk’s caption, read, “I can look at myself and say I’m proud of myself and I’m able to feed and support my family and my team this album is better then my mixtapes put together lol but Ima show my realness and my creativity on my album #rememberMyname I got a lot to prove to my city and my haters and defiantly the world Chicago on my back I’m going hard even tho the negativity over power the positive actions I rap what I see and live don’t judge me that’s my life but I can bet nothing going to stop me p.s my album gone show the side of Chicago people see but Ima paint that picture.”

Durk recently told Hip Hop Since 1987 he was wrapping up his debut.

The Philly-based media outlet caught up with Durk at the Theatre of Living Arts before his scheduled “Everywhere I Go” tour performance for the scoop.

“We really wrapping it up right now,” Durk said. “We Looking at May.”


In August, Durk told Hip Hop Since 1987 the project was missing two songs.

“We missing about two songs,” he said. “We hit every direction on the album. We just working. Whatever sound best, we gon replace it with whatever we thought sound good.”

Durk also talked about the album’s lead single “Get Dat Money” featuring Chris Brown and French Montana.

“I had tweeted Chris Brown, said I wanted to get him on something,” Durk explained. “He had hit me back on me DM and we had went off on that. French the big homie, so push the momentum the whole Coke Boy/OTF thing. I put French on it, we finna rock out with it.”

Durk said the project would feature production from Young Chop, London, Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, Dree The Drummer, Tarentino and 808 Mafia, to name a few.

Durk has more high profile guest features for his debut.

“We starting to get the features together right now,” he told Hip Hop Weekly “But for sure, it’s gonna be 2 Chainz, Meek, Ross for right now. We gon get more than that. French [Montana] automatic.

“…I’ma get something in with Future, too,” Durk continued. “But he doing his little promo for his album. We gone get something in real soon.”

Lil Durk may also feature Drake on his debut.

“I got a song with him…a song in process,” he told DJ MoonDawg of WGCI. “We got ideas on who we gon get on it.”

Durk announced the title of his debut LP through social media.

“My album #remembermyname,” he wrote on Twitter.

Durk also took to IG, writing, “Who ready salute all my fans #rememberMYname.”

Durk teased a snippet of a track that’s slated to appear on the project.

Durk also teased single “My Life.”

Durk regarded his debut LP as a “movie” in his “Remember My Name” vlog episode one.

“We just working, grinding… finna start pushing these singles out,” he said. …We working essentially every night.”

“It’s gonna be a story behind ‘Remember My Name,’” he continued. “A mixtape is everywhere. An album you gotta format. ‘Remember My Name’ gon mean a lot. That’s a strong subject for an album.”