Lil Durk’s ‘52 Bars Pt. 4’ Is Darkest Release In Series

Lil Durk appeared to be a man gone mad in the latest edition of his “52 Bars” series. Durk is only 21 but goes through a mid-life crisis as a myriad of crazed thoughts run through the OTF frontman’s head.

Durk condenses these scrambled thoughts in “52 Bars Pt. 4” and touches on fame, death, hate and his birthplace of Chicago.

I visualize Durk pushing through a crowd as he raps, “N****s in my face be like ‘How you find your deal and s**t? Heard you left yo block when you made that million quick’/I ain’t make a million s**t, you would’ve seen a million bricks.”

Even more telling about this track was Durk expressing his hatred of the Chiraq streets for the lives it took, including close brothers J Munna and Lil Rob. He goes on to blast “opps,” rapping, “J Money was tortured, I hate the streets just took Lil Rob/I just copped a brick, I heard these n****s all p***y fried/Asking why they take Sherrod/Gave a inch, they took a yard/(?) on my head, Beulla in this b***h/Except our guns playin all the music in this b***h/Opps be on that Twitter war, stop you ain’t no hitter boa/Stop you ain’t no killer boa/All this s**t a gimmick boa/All the opps, they trippin boa/Got the news trending boa/Chiraq Drillinois!”

As Durk releases each edition of “52 Bars,” it is becoming much clearer that the rhymes he spits aren’t just bars. It appears to be his form of therapy to let everything on his mind and chest out in one song.

One theme I found comparable to part 3 was Durk’s hatred for wannabe tough guys and his desire to lash out against them.

In Part 3, Durk raps, “You ain’t real n—-, you ain’t never been a driller n—-/F— a team, n—-, I got my gang/You a h– n—-, I got your chain/10 shots if you mention my name/The opps do it cause the police the same.”

Durk previously attributed the murder rate in his city to people who wanted to earn a name.

It’d be very interesting see how Durk’s part 5 turns out. Durk’s “Bars” series allows fans to get a sense of his persona.

Lil Durk is currently prepping his forthcoming mixtape “Signed To The Streets 2” and “OTF” album.

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