Lil Boosie Weighs In On Controversy Over Alleged Photoshopped Pic With Son MJ

Lil Boosie posted a touching photo of himself with son Michael Jordan aka MJ onto his IG account on Christmas. But controversy soon followed after fans alleged the photo was photoshopped.

Lil Boosie spoke exclusively with Hip Hops Revival and Chuck Star Films to deny claims of photoshopping.

The Baton Rough native says the photo probably drew so much back backlash because MJ “look so damn much like me.”


“…People saying it was photoshopped, but that was a picture took straight with an iPhone,” he explained. “Yeah, they went crazy about it. But my son, he handsome. You can’t take that from him. It wasn’t photoshopped.”

Lil Boosie later offered visual evidence that the photo was indeed real. The video, released by Boosie, shows him cooling with his children in the same clothes seen in the alleged photoshopped photo.