Lil Boosie and Tone! Talk Feature Film ‘Boosie: The Movie,’ Label Deal, Endorsements and New Album

Lil Boosie and new rap protégé Tone! are working. Hip Hops Revival and Chuck Star Films caught up with Dirty South artists for the scoop on their upcoming projects.

Boosie announced he is prepping the release of a new album set to release in the next few months.

“I got my album finna drop in a couple months,” he said. “…My album is a Boosie album. I’m not gon say my album gon be about changing the world. My album gon be about explaining what’s going on in the world. Explaining what went on with me. Just a classic Boosie album. It’s what the game been missing. When I drop the album, you gon see why the world was hollerin ‘Free Boosie.’ You’ll see why I’m the truth. My album gon be a classic album. You ain’t gotta fast forward no songs.”

Boosie will be releasing a documentary with the album.

“A lot of people may not believe the music but believe the visual,” he explained. “…We got both of em to show you what I went through, what I’m going through, how things is now. That’s why the album got set back cause I wanted to touch people with the documentary.”

Boosie is working on label endorsement deals for liquor and cigars.

Another major project is his feature film he aspires to have released in theaters.

“Finna get production for the movie that’s finna go in the theatre,” he said. “…The movie gon be called ‘Boosie: The Movie.’”

Boosie says he is funding the films with his own money.

Boosie is additionally working on a label deal and running a clothing line.

Tone! is multitalented.

“I rap, produce, engineer, mix and direct,” he said. “I got a clothing line as well. I do whatever follows under the entertainment umbrella.

Tone! is owner of ‘Hater’ Snapback. The merchandise was worn by Nicki Minaj in her documentary.

Boosie opened up on his business relationship with Tone!.

“Me and Tone just special right now,” he said. “I think my next album, this n-gga might have 17 tracks on it. Me and Tone just working right now. We shooting videos. Everyday we in the studio. When you work like that, good things happen.”