Lil Bibby Reveals His Mom Battled Drug Addiction Growing Up

Lil Bibby didn’t have it easy growing up. The NLMB rapper didn’t come from a strong household like some of his peers. This caused Bibby to be angry. His anger was primarily attributed to his mother’s drug problem.

“…I grew up angry,” Bibby told Vibe Magazine. “My momma used to do drugs. And, I just grew up angry at the world because of that. That’s why anytime I got into any altercation, or if any of my homies got into any altercation, they came and got me. I used to get a kick out — this sounds crazy — but I used to get a kick out of hurting people. And people used to doubt me.”

Bibby’s mother’s drug habit led to a volatile drug habit between the two.

“…I used to give her hell,” he said. “I used to give her hell about that. I hated that, man. I used to disrespect her, and it’s not good to say that but that really did something to me. And, that’s what had me angry.”

Bibby is now pleased to say his mother is no longer on drugs.

“She doing good,” he said. “She don’t do drugs no more. I ain’t going to lie, she way crazier than she used to be (Laughs). But man, she been clean for years now.”