Lil Bibby Honors Young Pappy

Lil Bibby took to Twitter to honor the memory of slain Chicago rapper Young Pappy. Pappy, born Shaqoun Thomas, was killed Friday, May 29, 2015 after he was shot two times in the back.

“R.I.P Young Pappy #YoungPhenom,” he wrote.

Pappy’s older brother BuDouble is possibly hoping for a collab after asking Bibby to link with PBG/TFG.

“F**k with us,” he wrote.

Young Pappy’s name rings bells in the industry. Remy Ma praised Pappy during an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

“I listen to different stuff with my nephew who I hang out with and young son,” she said. “They don’t listen to half of the stuff that’s played on the radio. They’re like on the internet. …It’s this kid – I think he’s not even alive – Young Pappy that my son listens to. He’s from Chicago. When I tell you like it’s dope. It’s not even something when I go and look at their views, their views is crazy. You’ll never hear any of this, but this is the music that the younger people are listening to. They’re not guided by people – oh this is what’s on the radio, so this is what’s hot – they pick what song they like and they run with it.”

Check out Pappy’s music below.