Lil Bibby Says Song Collaboration With Drake Would Be ‘Timeless’

Lil Bibby knows a track between himself and Drake would be a potential classic. Bibby opened up on what a collaborative record with Drake would sound like in an interview with Montreality.

“Me and Drake would probably be real deep,” he said. “A deep, deep song with melody… a lot of melody… when the verse kick in it’d get deep, some crazy bars, crazy flows. It’d be probably a hit. If it’s not a hit, it’d probably be a track you can play 10, 20 years from now. Timeless.”


The “Free Crack 2” rapper hinted a record between himself and Drake was possibly in the works during an interview with Corey Porter TV of Providence, RI.

“Drake, he cool. He texted me and told me he had a record for me,” Bibby said. “That was like two months ago and he still ain’t sent the record, so it ain’t no telling…”

Lil Bibby last linked up with Drizzy in Atlanta in November 2013 during the “Worst Behavior” rapper’s “Would You Like A Tour” scheduled performance.

“Just touched down in Atlanta

“My brother @champagnepapi had Atlanta Turnt Tonight!!! #NWTS #FreeCrack,” the captions on Bibby’s IG photos read.

In September 2013, Drake gave the Chicago rapper perhaps the biggest endorsement of his career.

Drake anticipated Bibby’s now released “Free Crack” mixtape and even referred to the “Kill Shit” rapper and protégé Lil Herb as the “future.”

According to a DM message, Drake wrote, “Streets need that TAPE! I’m waiting on it, You and Herb the future.”

Bibby posted a screenshot of the message, writing, “#FreeCrack If Drake said it then it must be true. #TheFuture”

The “Nothing Was The Same” rapper even shouted out the two rappers during an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez.

“I’ve been really inspired by just some real gutter, hood music,” Drake said. “Just listening to Lil Reese ‘Savage’ mixtape…Lil Herb, Lil Bibby.”