Lebron James Tweets Photo of Erik Kynard and Kobe Bryant

The Olympics features the world’s best athletes competing on a global scale. When these athletes aren’t engaged in fierce competition, they still manage to find time to poke jabs at one another.

Members of the U.S. Olympic basketball team poked fun at fellow teammate Kobe Bryant after finding his long lost twin.

Bryant and Olympic High Jump Silver Medalist Erik Kynard, of Toledo, OH, share an uncanny resemblance to each other.

Miami Heat superstar Lebron James took to his Instagram and Twitter to post a photo of Bryant and 21-year-old Kynard.

“Kobe 1 & Kobe 2 #LOL,” Lebron James wrote via Twitter.

Minnesota Timberwolves Power Forward Kevin Love jumped in on the action by tweeting, “Found Kobe’s body double!!!”

Philaelphia 76ers forward Andre Iguodala tweeted “@KingJames has thee funniest pic of Kobe and his twin!”


Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings, who is not on the Olympic team, found the picture hilarious.

brandon jennings

Erik Kynard, a senior at Kansas State University, recently appeared on NBC Today Show and talked about the photo that has circulated around social media.

Kynard jokingly said James caused him “a lot of grief” over the photo he tweeted.