Lanze Reveals Goons Tried To Chop His Hand Off

Lanze is currently in the hospital after goons tried to kill him. The Cincinnati rapper told fans on social media that unnamed suspects kidnapped him, and tried to cut his hand off.

“They tried to kill me. Bruh, they tried to f*****g kill me. You see that bruh? N****s tried to kill me, bruh. These motherf*****s tried to slice my motherf*****g thumb off and s**t, bruh,” Lanze said. “I don’t give a f**k about none of that s**t. My motherf*****g thumb is almost out my hand. These motherf****s tried to chop my s**t off. Y’all can come back. I’ma have the Glizzy. I ain’t lacking no more. I am on all y’all asses. Motherf*****s done pulled up on the side of all y’all n****s, and put a n***a in the whip, then start cutting a n***a hand.”

Lanze gained fame after the release of his “Bring Me That S**t” music video.

We initially reported Lanze was shot, but this wasn’t the case. On Thursday, Lanze posted footage of himself in the hospital.

“They tried to f****g kill a n***a,” he said. “I ain’t going for none of that s**t. I pull up next time.”

Lanze wrote in his caption, “So n****s tried da kill a mf pulled up in da whip 2 n****s jumped out n f****d my s**t up.”