Lafayette College Fencer Succumbs to Heart Attack after Excessive Drinking

A Lafayette College freshman died at a hospital after falling unconscious from excessive alcohol consumption on Saturday, May 5, The Beaver County Times reports.

Everett Glenn, a 19-year-old member of the fencing team, drank heavily at a celebration for his birthday, his mother Joanne Glenn told The Easton Express- Times.

“He was drinking too much and then he went to his room and he laid down,” she said.

The cause of his death, she said, was cardiac arrest.

A memorial service held later Saturday night where about 2,400 students were in attendance, The Beaver County Times reports.

Ms. Glenn reportedly attended the prayer service in honor of her son.

“God has given us this gift, but He wants him back,” she told The Beaver County Times. “We have to let him go.”