L’A Capone’s Mom Says Second Killer Has Been Found Guilty

The second accused killer in L’A Capone’s murder case has been found guilty, according to the slain rapper’s mother Dedra Morris. Capone, born Leonard Anderson, was shot and killed at age 17 while leaving a studio on Sept. 26, 2013.

Ms. Morris, aka Momma Capone, provided fans an update on her son’s murder trial after announcing a guilty verdict was reached for suspect Michael Mays.

The caption on her post read, “[Two] down, [one] more to go. It’s so sad how young ppl do things that they will later regret. I’m glad it’s almost over but sad that so many ppl are hurt behind this #Justice4LA.”

In September, Momma Capone announced the first killer was found guilty.

The caption on her post read, “I know u in heaven smiling down right now got some justice for you today 1 down 2 more to go #justiceforlacapone.”

Her second IG post related to Capone’s trial read, “Guilty.”

A total of three people were charged in Capone’s slaying, including, Meiko Buchanan, Michael Mays and Sakhee Hardy-Johnson.

Buchanan confessed to the crime while in custody awaiting trial on unrelated charges of aggravated battery of a peace officer and aggravated use of a weapon, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Mays and Hardy-Johnson also confessed to the crime, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Buchanan’s role in the murder was driver of the “trail car,” a vehicle that follows the lead car containing the gunman, Assistant State’s Attorney Alex Molesky told the Tribune.

Buchanan allegedly said he pulled into the alley and watched the gunman sneak up on L’A and shoot him twice.

The alleged rival gang members had an ongoing dispute with Capone, Molesky said in court, according to the Tribune.

In July, Momma Capone took to IG to announce justice for her son was coming soon.


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