Kyyngg In Jail!

#Kyyngg in that jam ?

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Kyyngg found himself caught up in that jam over Memorial Day Weekend. The New Orleans rapper, born Kailus Laroy James, was arrested on Tuesday, May 30 in Mobile, AL on charges of marijuana possession, receiving stolen property and possession of controlled substance.

Kyyngg has been in the news as of late for purportedly disrespecting deceased Chiraq rappers.

The PBG/TFG camp threatened the New Orleans rapper after he allegedly made some disrespectful remarks about Young Pappy.

Kyyngg posted a rap calendar filled primarily with Chiraq rappers titled, “Hot 16 bars or you die. You good or nah?”

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Kyyngg commented he was better than the listed artists, writing, “Feb. March. April. June. July. September. November. Dead AF!! My August Leo Lions WTF it dewww!!”

Pappy’s older brother BuDouble got at Kyyngg on IG:

“@kyyngg Didn’t u literally just get chased around Lenox mall parking lot by another man! U h— a– rapper need to keep bro name out ya mouth! Yo a– a f****t coming for n****s you don’t know and u can’t even stand ya own ground yo a– is scary and u got the nerve to try and diss like yo a– won’t use those feet to get out a jam when mfs get on yo f****t a–! This not how u clout up u goof a– lil boi! U don’t got no beef wit us so don’t act like mfs won’t come to A and deal with u! B***h a– n***a! Now go tell him I said pop up!! Scary running a– n***a.”

Kyyngg took to IG to say his words were taken out of context.

“Y’all always try to change my f*****g words up and switch my whole everything I’m saying, the whole message,” he said. “I wasn’t dissing dead people. I said I rap better. I didn’t know the second person was dead, the Pappy person. I don’t know, Blood. I’m just Kyyngg. I ain’t out here like that. I wanna keep it music. Y’all always switching the subject.”

Kyyngg sparked controversy earlier this month after disrespecting L’A Capone. Capone, born Leonard Anderson, was 17 when he died from injuries sustained during a shooting while leaving a studio in September 2013.

“We coming out the studio with two of em on me,” Kyyngg said while emerging from behind a house. “They won’t L’A Capone us. I’ll pop your f*****g head.”

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600Breezy took to his IG account to react to Kyyngg’s video. Breezo didn’t do too much talking. He pasted Kyyngg’s face at the end of swisher with a caption, reading, “Free smoke #leadingscoreredition.”