KollegeKidd Kouture: Hosiery

Want some attention?

Show those legs.

Rocking classic fishnets to funky colored tights with bold designs, your secret admirers dare not erase your kissable legs out of their brains. Strutting across campus to class or to an unexpected lunch date, your warm stockings will undeniably electrify your outfit. Your classmates will feel the urge to take a peek at your irresistible limbs.

Juicy candy colored leg wear is trendy, feminine, and incredibly comfortable. With splashes of prints, embellishments and colors, fashionable hosiery can be worn under anything, especially mini skirts and dresses along with your beloved flats, sneakers, boots and pumps. Your stunning nylon collection will add flavor, attitude, mystery and sophistication to your style because of the yummy variations of textures and designs. Every lady has sexy shaped legs; gloss your beautiful legs into runway glamour with countless pairs of striking leg wear.

Be daring. And stride with poise in your favorite tights or stockings under that winter coat. Regardless of the seasonal temperature change, spice up your wardrobe with this winter’s traditional but tantalizing stylish trend. Get your closet ready for this winter. Besides, do you really think bare legs are sexy? Think twice. Slip on those cozy tights, girls. Fellas, don’t drool too much.
Keep warm and sexy.

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