Kodak Black Sentenced To Three Years In Prison?

Rumors are circulating around the net that Kodak Black was sentenced to three years in prison. This, however, appears to be false.

Kodak’s trial is still pending, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office website.

Kodak, born Dieuson Octave, was taken into custody in May for armed robbery and false imprisonment. A month prior, he was arrested leading police on a high-speed chase and marijuana possession.

Recent tweets on Kodak’s account say the rapper is holding strong as he awaits a positive outcome in his case:

Kodak has a long rap sheet. He spoke on his troubles with the law during an interview with Passion of the Weiss.

“I had a little PBL charge – a Punishable By Life charge, or whatever – and I was about to get exiled, but A.D. had me, he paid my lawyer and all that. I took probation for 36 months, but I just got early termination, so I’m about to be off probation.”