Kodak Black Raps ‘Slayed’ Lyrics In ‘XXL Freshman 2016” Freestyle

The ability to freestyle has long been heralded a special skill in the Hip Hop community. Freestyling is defined as a style of improvising lyrics with or without instrumental beats, or, in other words, going off the top of the head.

Nine years ago, XXL Mag began the XXL Freshman list to find the most talented pool of emerging emcees from the current year. One of the most praised showcases of the list is the freestyle.

Kodak Black, who hails from Pompano Beach, FL, was selected as one of the 10 artists in the XXL Freshman 2016 class and he, like others before him, had to showcase his freestyling ability.

But Kodak disappointed ardent fans of the culture after rapping an already written verse. The lyrics from his XXL Freshman 2016 freestyle come his “Slayed” record.

Kodak raps, “My n***a slayed a n***a, I just came from hanging with him/I don’t know what really happened, I think he home invading him/You never catch me out here clapping unless they paid a n***a/Why the f**k I chase a b***h when I don’t even chase the liquor.”

Check out Kodak Black’s “XXL Freshman 2016” freestyle above.