King Yella Says Chief Keef Had Everyone Saying ‘Bang Bang’ In Chiraq

King Yella is no newbie on the rap scene. The Skeeze Gang boss says he’s been rapping since he was a shorty.

“…I’ve been rapping since a shorty,” he told Zack TV. “My whole family been doing this sh-t. I think I did my first song in 2000. I was a shorty like 10 years old.”


Yella even says he was the first underground artist to film a music video.

“I can merch it,” he said. “Before I got locked up, I was like the first n-gga with a video in Chicago… underground. All these rappers that’s rapping right now, go check they background of they first video. My first video was shot my brother birthday July 27, 2010. I got locked up September 2010 a couple months later. I shot like four, five videos. They was garbage though, but I shot em. …N-ggas ain’t know nothing about that sh-t, man.

But Yella noticed a change in Chicago’s rap scene after his 18-month stint in prison. He said Chief Keef was the scene’s biggest name.

“Chief Keef was out,” he said. “All I heard a motherf-cker talking about ‘Bang Bang.’ I’m like what the f-ck is this ‘Bang Bang’ sh-t.’”