King Yella Reveals Messages Exchanged Between Him and Fetty Wap Over Tooka Controversy

King Yella revealed early Friday that issues between the Clout Boyz and ZooGang were resolved.

Fetty Wap came under fire by Yella and the gang after unknowingly rapping harmful lyrics from Chief Keef’s “Earned It” song.

Yella revealed direct messages between himself and Fetty confirming that issues were resolved.

Fetty let Yella know he meant no disrespect:

“Aye bra you could’ve just hit me … all that extra sh*t in the way we 2 street n****s , I’m from jersey not Chicago I don’t choose sides with nobody I’m ZooGang but I ain’t no that was ya mans so I deleted the vid … man to man pardon me if yu feel disrespected …but ain’t nothing p***y bout me so I’m hittin yu directly not threw no post letting yu no y I post it #ZooGod.”

Yella told Fetty there was no bad blood:

“It’s all good g u no I hollered at you b4 the fame took off and I rocked wit yo movement … I was like damn not my N*gga fetty Monty my n***a too I respect you for takin it down u a real N*gga”

The “Trap Queen” rapper posted a video of himself onto IG rapping Sosa’s popular record. He captioned his post, “Take a Tooka blunt den I burned it #chiefsosa.”

Tooka, born Shondale Gregory, was shot and killed Jan. 12, 2011 at a bus stop at 63rd and St. Lawrence in the Woodlawn neighborhood in South Side Chicago. He was 15.

Yella posted a video online letting Fetty know that “it’s not a game.”

“Fetty, motherf*****s f**k with your music, but you don’t get no pass listening to that Chief Keef s**t,” Yella said. “Bro, this Chicago. You see our murder rate. For real, this s**t ain’t no game, bro. We don’t play bro.”