King Yella Claims Young M.A’s Ghostwriter Wrote Tooka Line

King Yella is making some bold claims against Young M.A that may jeopardize her career. Yella alleges M.A’s management reached out to him to say it was the Brooklyn MC’s ghostwriter who was responsible for the Tooka line.

“I wanna give a deep apology out to Young M.A. I’m so sorry,” Yella said. “Her management just got up with me. They told me she got a ghostwriter. They do not know anything about Tooka. She did not know. I’m so hurt, I’m so sorry that I went that far. It’s hurting me because I just people write some music for you. Tell your ghostwriter I’m gonna smack the s**t outta him for saying that Tooka line.”

Yella has been vocal for the past few weeks about his disdain for Young M.A.

M.A made an appearance on DJ Cosmic Kev’s radio show where she raps, “I smoke Hooka like it’s Tooka, blowing jet clouds/And I only get high to bring the stress down.”

#YoungMA says she's 'Smoking #Tooka' in freestyle ?

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Though Tooka has been popularized as a slang term for marijuana, it was actually the name of a deceased Chicago teen.

Tooka, born Shondale Gregory, was shot and killed on Jan. 12, 2011 at a bus stop at 63rd and St. Lawrence in the Woodlawn neighborhood in South Side Chicago. He was 15.

King Yella took to IG to call out the “Ooouuu” rapper.

“So Young M.A, you smoking Tooka? You must not seen me go on Fetty Wap last year for the same s**t,” Yella said. “Y’all be so motherf*****g disrespectful in this rap s**t. Y’all don’t even know what y’all be saying. FBG Duck will get on your a– for some s**t like that. Motherf*****s f**k with your music, baby boy, baby girl, but don’t do no s**t like that. You will not be able to perform in Chicago like for real.”

King Yella went on to say he’d pay a female to beat up Young M.A.

Yella’s remarks came after Duck called her out on Twitter.

FBG Duck is fuming mad after it was brought to his attention that Young M.A used the word ‘Tooka’ in a freestyle.

Duck posted a snippet of the freestyle onto Twitter, writing, “I Ain’t Tryna Beef Wit No Female But Somebody Better Tell Her Watch Her F***ing Mouth And Kno Wat She Saying Before My D*ke Cousin Beat Her.”

This isn’t the first time a rapper referenced Tooka.

The FBG Clout Boys took issue with Fetty Wap saying Tooka.

The “Trap Queen” rapper posted a video of himself onto IG rapping Chief Keef’s “Earned It.”

He captioned his post, “Take a Tooka blunt den I burned it #chiefsosa.”

It didn’t take long for the Clout Boys to flood Fetty’s mentions.

The matter was eventually resolved after Fetty got on a call with King Yella.

Tooka is also apparently a popular phrase on the West Coast.

In Noisey’s “Bompton” series, an affiliate rapper of Kendrick Lamar who goes by the name Earl Swavey, was filmed rapping that he was smoking on Tooka.

The Athens Miller Gangsta Blood raps, “Smoking on this Tooka, got a problem, we a shoot you.”

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Earl Swavey later cleared up the matter with King Yella.