King Yella Agrees With Chief Keef For Leaving Chiraq, Talks GDK/BDK Controversy

King Yella clarified his stance on the GDK/BDK controversy in Chiraq in a newly released interview. Yella revealed he doesn’t have a problem with all BDs.

“Everybody a different gang. Everybody some K at the end of the day,” he said. “We GDs. You got a lot of insane n-ggas… they BDs but they BDK. But we ain’t BDK to all BDs. We just BDK to n-ggas that don’t like us.

Yella also revealed a lot of gangs are warring with rival gangs in the Chi, not just GDs and BDs.

“They be thinking in Chicago it only be BDK,” he explained. “N-ggaz VLK, BPSK… motherf-ckers everything K. You got all type of gangs. But we the only gangs that’s known now, though. …I f-ck with some real BDs. Just cause you BD don’t mean a motherf-cker don’t like you. If you got something against us, we got something against you back.”

Yella also offered his thoughts on Chief Keef leaving Chiraq.

“I’m doing me,” he said. “I’m tryna grind and make it happen for my family. Get the f-ck on. I don’t f-ck with Chief Keef, but I agree with what he did. He got the f-ck on. He did something smart. F-ck him though. That’s what you do. Get your money and get your family on.”

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