Mixtape Review: King Louie- ‘Tony’

Tony Montana is a fictional character from the cult classic crime drama film “Scarface.” King Louie adopted Tony Montana as his alter ego. King L explains this as best he could in song “Tony,” rapping, “My name is Louie, but they call me Tony.”

Louie created an entire tape to let fans and haters know why he is the “Tony” of Chiraq.

Louie wastes no time getting in Tony mode in opening song “B.O.N.” Louie has a little friend for anyone who wants to play rough, rapping, “I feel like a chopper, b-tch cause I’m bussing/My b-tches related, they kissing cousins/My Nina be on it, that b-tch ain’t for nothing/I make her say something, she leave yo a– open.”

The title “Sheesh” is appropriate for Louie’s collaborative Jay Storm-produced single featuring Chi Hoover. This track is simply a banger due to how hard the two artists went.

Louie raps, “These n-ggas v—–, my dope come from China/Split a n-gga, chopper bout to karate/Pistol hit head, bullets make linings/Should be in New York, I feel like a Giant.”

DJ L is one of the premier beat makers out there. A combination of Louie’s rhymes with a DJ L production is sure to equate to fire. The two linked up for the single “Till I Meet Selena.” Louie is popping sh-t up in this track, rapping, “Wet em up, they f-cking with some bodies/Smoking on that muscle with a thottie/N-ggas caching face shots in the body.”

Louie paid the cost to be the boss, which is why he is a “Made” man. Louie hangs with bosses and is not concerned with peons in his Jay Storm production, asking, “Who the f-ck are you?” King L effortlessly rhymes with confidence over this bass heavy record.

Louie won’t stop until his bank account matches the late King of Pop’s multimillion-dollar estate. Leekeleek lent his talents to the track’s production as well as his own verse.

Louie is feeling himself like MJ, rapping, “I want Michael Jackson money, Billie Jean/Baby, will you moonwalk off a bean/Tony and the Mubu Gang, Jackson Five/N-ggas say they getting money, that’s a lie.”

King Louie is channeling another legend in song “Ambitions As A Rider.” Tupac recorded a single under the same title on his iconic album “All Eyes On Me.” Louie reminisces on the past to make sense of the present, rapping, “Before you feed them n-ggas, you better read them n-ggas/Since little n-ggas we knew we was gon be them n-ggas/Friends died, who knew friends would be them killers.”

King Louie hooked up with producer Smylez to record a hot single that may potentially become Chi Town’s anthem.

A common saying is if one can make it anywhere if they can make it in New York. Louie begs to differ. The East Side native proclaims you can make it anywhere if you can make it in Chicago in “Live and Die In Chicago.”

King Louie professes his love for his city in spite of the violence and says he will never leave.

King Louie is not too fond “F-ck N-ggas,” a disparaging term for a lame. Louie is angry in his C-Sick production as he probes goofies, rapping, “How the f-ck did you become a f-ck n-gga/Used to be my man, now you a f-ck n-gga/My b-tch just f-ck girls, she don’t f-ck n-ggas/I just bought ore guns for the f-ck n-ggas.”

Louie’s disdain for f-ck n-ggas carries over into track “Why They Hating On Me.” Louie can’t escape the hate the higher he climbs. Louie breaks down the reasons the haters are at his neck in this track.

Louie’s latest project is his mission to son the rap game and make it kiss his ring. Louie was noticeably invigorated on this project. Louie’s Tony mindset has him feeling on top of his game. This project continues Louie’s reign as the “Tony” of the rap game.

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