King Louie Reveals Meaning Of Owl

King Louie stated during an interview with Revolt TV that his OVO Owl tattoo saved his life. Louie recently took to IG to reveal the meaning of the owl.

Louie posted a snapshot of the owl’s animal symbolism from the “What’s Your Sign” website. The site lists many meanings for the owl, including wisdom, mystery, transition, messages, intelligence, mysticism, protection and secrets.

Louie caption his post, “THANK U GOD 4 A NEW DAY …..GM 2 ALL ….LETS STAY POSITIVE & PRODUCTIVE.”

Louie took to IG to clarify comments about his owl tat saving his life.

“If u watched the entire interview u’ll understand that that was a slight joke ……a case of humor …… GOD & the People’s Prayer saved my life …..the fact that people missed that part shows me that the devil really got y’all heads f****d up ….they’ll say anything 2 make a smart man look dumb ….I clearly said what & who saved my life,” he wrote in the comment section of Kollege Kidd’s Instagram account.

King Louie, born Louis Johnson Jr., was shot seven times during the Dec. 23 attack.

“The owl saved my life,” he told Revolt TV. “See where I got shot at? If it would’ve hit me where the owl was, I would’ve died probably. I told Drake on the Gram [Instagram] like, ‘Bro, the owl saved my life.’”

Louie’s owl tat is millimeters away from where the bullet grazed him.

“My old lady was watching hella sh*t while I was in the hospital,” Louie said. “It was hella owls just popping up. For real, for an hour straight, I just kept seeing every show full of owls. We would turn the show, we would keeps seeing owls. I’m like what the f**k, ‘Is this a sign?’ I Googled ‘what’s the significance of owls’ and it was a bunch of sh*t.”

King Louie explained the meaning of his OVO tat during an interview with Young Jack Thriller of ThisIs50.

“Drake, that’s the big homie. Shout out to OVO, man,” he said. “The thing about the tattoo, the owl say ‘Whoo.’ So whoo king? King Louie. I got the L over the owl. It’s my own sh-t but salute Drake nem, though.”