Killer Mike and Toure Open Discussion on Drugs in the Black Community

Writer Toure has the Hip-Hop community and political arena buzzing after penning an essay describing a drug crisis that permeates America and Hip-Hop.

Rapper Killer Mike opted for a much more controversial approach to illustrating a crisis deeply embedded in the black community.

The Atlanta rapper tweeted the song “Reagon” to MSNBC The Cycle host Toure, who has been in the news as of late for his Washington Post article “How America and Hip Hop Failed Each Other.”

“I am very confident no other rap song articulates the point of your Hip Hop Reagan article as my song “Reagan” @Toure,” Killer Mike wrote. “You shud check it.”

Toure responded via a retweet on Twitter, “You’re right.”

The cultural critic wrote President Nixon’s war on drugs helped reshape the black community and “mold hip-hop.”

Hip-Hop, Toure said, is a music and culture whose undercurrent remains black male anger at a nation that declared young black men monsters and abandoned them, killing any chance they had at the American Dream.

In “Reagon,” Killer Mike is critical of Reagon’s War on Drugs campaign and the black community’s response to it.

He raps, “We are advertisements for agony and pain/ We exploit the youth, we tell them to join a gang/ We tell them dope stories, introduce them to the game/ Just like Oliver North introduced us to c——/In the 80s when the bricks came on military planes.

Toure and Killer Mike opened the door for a much-needed dialogue on the war on drugs in the black community. Despite taking different approaches, they both utilized their crafts to take aim at an epidemic crippling the urban black community.

Head over to The Washington Post to view Toure’s piece “How American and Hip Hop Failed Each Other” by clicking here.