Kidd Kidd (G-Unit) Pleads Guilty To Harassment Violation After Allegedly Choking Girlfriend

Kidd Kidd caught a break after he was given a slap on the wrist after he was alleged to have brutally beaten his girlfriend last summer.

The G-Unit rapper, whose real name is Curtis Stewart, pleaded guilty to a harassment violation in a New York City courtroom on Wednesday, according to the New York Daily News. He was initially charged with strangulation and assault after he allegedly choked ex-girlfriend Maurita Robinson and shoved her into a dresser at a hotel in Manhattan.

Prosecutors offered Kidd the non-criminal plea deal after his completion of a batterer’s program.

“Are you pleading guilty to harassment in New York County because you are guilty?” Judge Steven Statsinger asked the G-Unit rapper as he executed the plea deal.

“Yes, sir,” he said.

Kidd Kidd was arrested in July while preparing for his XXL Freshman concert at the Best Buy arena in NYC.

Kidd’s attorney sent a message to XXL declaring the New Orleans rapper’s innocence.

“The New York allegations are totally baseless. They were made 4 months later by a woman who has a history of making false allegations against Mr. Stewart. We are confident once the District Attorney’s office investigate the matter, Kidd Kidd will be vindicated.”

Robinson accused the G-Unit rapper of beating her during their Las Vegas trip. The two were in Sin City during the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight festivities.

Robinson took to IG in May to show her injuries she claims were inflicted on her by Kidd Kidd. Robinson says this is not the first instance of domestic violence during her relationship with Kidd. She penned an open letter in her IG post alleging Kidd nearly strangled her to death in their hotel room in Vegas.