Kevin Gates Admits To Eating Dog Food

Kevin Gates is very open about his life. He has revealed a lot of personal habits, including his love for eating a woman’s backside, sleeping with his cousin and now using h—–.

Gates revealed his use for doing h—– while recording his drop for DJ Booth.

“I might duck every now and then when I’m on the h—–, but I don’t get tired,” he said.

Gates has long professed his love for Lean, which, if consumed, provides the same effect one gets from using h—–.

Gates is currently selling his “I Don’t Get Tired” energy drink. Its can mirrors a bottle of Actavis-Promethazine. The cough syrup is one of the primary ingredients used to make Lean aka Sizzurp.

Gates took to IG to show his fans that his drink is currently being mass-produced.

“Without Sacrifice there can be no struggle and without struggle there can be no progress #bwa #iDONTGETTIRED #idgt #ToGodAloneBeTheGlory #TGABTG #iDont
getTired #idgt.

“#idgt I ain’t gotta rap and you know it #toGodAloneBeTheGlory

“call Coca Cola,They’ll tell you I don’t play” #idgt #iDontGetTired #ToGodAloneBeTheGlory #TGABTG #iDontGettired #idgt #bwa #idgt #khaza,” the captions on his post read.