JUK$ and MU.NY MULA Spit “Real Life” (Official Music Video)

Juk$ and MU.NY MULA are two names the culture will be hearing soon coming out of the state of New York.

The game spitters talk about evading the treacherous obstacles they face in their grim reality. It’s not a video game to them, it’s “Real Life.”

JUK$ opens this track, rapping, “If you really got love for a n***a, introduce him to lane switching/I can’t f**k with these n***s, they stay switching/I ain’t in love with these h**s, it’s just gang b*****s.”

MU.NY follows JUK$, rapping, “Neighbors mad I got the dope swanging/Most my n****s into gang banging/All for the low, just hit me and bro/Got the numbers in the game changing.”

JUK$ and MU.NY are ganged up with the guys in their Luca Sand-directed music video above. Watch above.