Juice Da Savage In Savage Mode In ‘Juice Da Mixtape’ (Review)

Juice Da Savage is one of the youngest members of brother Fredo Santana’s flagship imprint Savage Squad Records. Despite his age, Juice carries himself as if he’s much older. It may be due to his many years on the streets hustling. Juice opens up a few chapters of his life on the streets in his debut project “Juice Da Mixtape,” hosted by DJ Bandz. It was Juice’s years on the streets that turned him into a savage. It was part of his survival on the Chicago’s gritty South Side. Juice breaks down to listeners what comes with being a trapper in his hometown’s battlefield.

Juice Da Savage wastes no time getting savage mode in the opening record on his debut project. Juice sets the tone for the entire tape with this track.

“I’m in my savage mode, I can’t go,” Juice raps in the track’s opening seconds.

Juice then cranks up his savagery, rapping, “I got shooters in the trap that’s gon blow/Get the f-ck down when I kick yo door/44 snub nose to his nose/You ain’t gon blow, boa you a f-cking h-e/Police kicked the spot and I ran through the backdoor.”

Juice’s “Selfies” was one of his earlier hit singles. Juice is a savage. If you don’t believe him, check out his snapshots of himself with the guys in the trap spot.

Juice raps “I’m a young savage, you get robbed quick/Call Caper boy,he on his job quick/On that road runner sh*t, moving sh*t/Busting moves, get em in, get em gone quick.”

A crucial part of survival on the streets is keeping one’s mouth sealed. Juice is a man of few words. Juice says a lot in his DJ Kenn-produced record without saying much. He enacts the no talking rule, rapping, “Say that boy got killed, I don’t really know/Say I f-cked his main b-tch, I don’t really know/Say that boy got robbed I don’t really know/Now they snatch me up, talking bout I did it/I don’t know sh-t/I ain’t tell em sh-t/I ain’t no f-cking snitch.”

The freaks and trappers come out at night. Juice assembled a cast of all-stars for his song “Long Nights.” Let me rephrase that. Juice assembled a perfect cast of trap all-stars on this record that included Drose, RondoNumbaNine and Fredo Santana. This track is arguably the best track on the tape.

Juice rides the beat well on this joint, rapping, “I’m a dope boy n-ggas that’s a trapaholic/On my grind everyday so what you call it/Trap doing numbers so I be balling/Gotta place for the fiends and they be calling.”

The all-star collaborations don’t end there. Juice tapped Gino Marley for song “Bussin Moves.” Gino is the king of bussing juugs.

Hustling is a 24/7 jobs. Not only does Juice have to work long nights, he also has to bust moves when he wakes up.

Juice raps, “Everyday I wake up, I’m bussing moves/I’m in the trap house, I’m bussing moves/If you knocking at the door, you want some food/And we got them shots up in here, don’t be no fool.”

Gino follows Juice, rapping, “Trap life got a n-gga making moves/Kill a n-gga if a n-gga make a move/Lot of drugs, lot of cash, lot of tools/Savage squad sh-t, trap running loose/Savage squad n-gga p*ssy who is you?/Ain’t got no time to talk, money coming through.”

We’re aren’t even halfway through the tape and Juice is already calling himself the truth. Luckily, Juice can back up what he raps about. Juice is confident on this record. He raps, “All night in that trap tryna get that dough/If you ain’t bout no money, get the f-ck from round me/All I hang around is shooters and they gon shoot/When I sign that f-cking deal, all my n-ggas eating.”

There is no slow down for Juice. Money has the South Side Chicago rapper living the “Fast” life. He raps, “I’m cooling in the trap/You know where to find me at/I get the money fast, I’m smoking on that gas/No, I cannot pass/Just cooling in the trap, taking selfies, smoking gas.”

Juice Da Savage linked with rising star Matti Baybee on song “Tourin.” Juice and Matti feel like superstars in this record. They two artists are getting money on the road doing shows.

Juice tries something new on this record and switches up his flow, rapping, “Show me where the f-cking OG/I’ma OG, but I’m still a young n-gga/Yeah, I been getting money since a young a n-gga/In this trap house, yeah it’s a young n-gga.”

Matti swags out as usual, rapping, “Getting money, living life, I be touring/Another day, another flight in the morning/Another show, another night, I be touring/Pulling up to the club hopping out a foreign.”

Juice is becoming more comfortable with his rhyme skills as listeners can hear on this tape. Juice’s story of street life will keep listeners at attention for this entire 16-track project. Juice may become more of a problem as he matures and stays consistent in the booth.

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