Joey Badass Calls Some Of Today’s Rappers A Disgrace To The Culture

Joey Badass is fed up with the bubble gum rap that is permeating Hip Hop culture. The “Lord Knows” rapper spoke on the lack of talent in the genre. Joey refused to drop any names because it’s “too many” to name, and that they know exactly who they are.

“I got love for all my young brothers trying to do something positive to escape negatives but rapping really isnt 4 most of yall,” Joey wrote.

Joey also said the fans are partly to blame for the direction Hip Hop has taken.

“Idk if I should I be more disappointed in the rappers or the fans/supporters/sheeple who listen to it,” he wrote.

The Brooklyn emcee ended his rant with a subtle shot thrown at Troy Ave.

“My last victim went missing,” he wrote.

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