Jania Reacts To NBA Youngboy Making Her Sleep In Hotel Lobby


Jania became the topic of social media after a fan posted a photo of her sleeping in the lobby of a hotel while NBA Youngboy was allegedly sleeping with a groupie.

In the viral post, the fan wrote, “So this is ok? Just because he bought you gifts you’re gonna disregard that he was in a room f*****g off and left you sleeping in the lobby?! I saw where Girls were saying ‘it’s ok long as he keep the gifts coming like that’ yeah b***h you gone have a gift alright…..a std is a great gift. We need less girls and more WOMEN.”

Jania took to social media to issue a statement on the viral photo.

“…Picture of me while I was laying down on that couch. B***h, you’re lame. You’re just tryna get fame off my name,” Jania said. “I bet you after you left that hotel, took that picture of me, you went and laid in your mama house. B***h, I don’t stay with my mama. I’m 17.”