Jaide The Bully Suspended For Locker Room Fight

Jaide The Bully revealed she and her bullying victim were suspended for the infamous fight that has been seen by many nationwide.

Jaide revealed in a phone call posted on online that the fight occurred “three weeks ago.”

“We done already been suspended and we done already did our community service and everything,” she said.

Since the fight, Jaide has found herself the victim of bullying in social media land.

Artist Beat King made a parody Jaide song. “Hit Dat B*tch Jaide” is making its rounds throughout social media.

In “Hit Dat B*tch Jaide, Beat King raps, “Never fight the quiet girl/I’ma say it again, never fight the quiet girl/ All up in that locker room, talking all that sh*t/ Now you all up in the middle talking like ‘I just got hit’/You didn’t even want to square up with her/ She tied her hair ina pony tail and pulled her pants up like a ni**a.”

But Jaide The Bully appears to like her new song. Jaide took to Twitter to express her appreciation for the song.

“My song gotta ring to it .. hit that B—- Jaide,” she wrote

Jaide even showed followers she downloaded the song to her mp3 player.

“My s—,” she wrote.

Jaide was a victim of a prank call where a young man ridiculed the young lady for losing the fight.

“Hey Jaide, you still knocked out from yesterday?” he said during the phone call. “You got you a*s knocked out.”

Social media has been relentless in its treatment of Jaide as memes were created ridiculing the young lady.

Jaide’s newfound celebrity status has caught the attention of Bow Wow.

The 106 & Park host wants the young teen to appear on the popular music program to tell her side of the story.

‪#Jaide ‪@freakytweetsss want to come on 106&Park and tell us how it really went down?

Jaide became an over night celebrity after a video was posted by World Star Hip Hop showing the young lady losing a fight against her bullying victim.

Jaide and friends were captured on camera taunting and threatening to physically harm a young lady. Jaide was in for rude awakening as her victim humiliated her by handing her the beating of her life.

Listen to “Hit That B—- Jaide” Below

Check out the prank call below

Check out the infamous fight below