Indian Man Sues Parents to get Sex Change

A 21-year-old Indian man is suing her parents to get legal authorization from courts to change her sex. Bidhan Barua says she realized at an early age she was the wrong sex.

Barua’s parents are against her getting the surgery. Her father served a legal notice to Mumbai hospital forbidding them to perform the surgery on his son.

The hospital has now requested clearance from the Bombay High Court to perform the surgery. Even if Barua is granted clearance from the court, she may not have enough money to pay for the surgery due to her father freezing her bank account.

The man claims she is mistreated at home due to her sexual orientation.

We’re not sure how the law works in India, but why does a grown man have to get permission to get surgery? In this case, we have to side with the parents because Barua obviously still lives under her father roof and spends his money. But we do wish him all the best in the future with his sex change operation.

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