I.L Will Murders ‘Problem Child’ Mixtape

I.L Will, one-third of the Chicago rap collective M.I.C., took his solo career to new heights in 2013 with the release of “Dope God,” “Tattz & Flattz” and “Devil’s Advocate.”

The West Side native was able to flex his lyrical muscle in each of these projects with spitfire bars.

It is this reason that I.L Will regards himself as the “Problem Child” in the rap game. This happens to be the title of his latest DJ Moon Dawg-hosted mixtape and he wasted no time in opening track to back this claim.

It’s no days off for the M.I.C. rapper who notably opens the track, rapping, “I been quiet long enough, n***a it’s my year.”

Will keeps the bars coming, rapping, “I lost a couple soldiers, you don’t know how it feel/I got a cold shoulder cause you n****s ain’t real/It’s the mac b***h and I’m I.L Will/Killa make killin, b***h I’m doing drug dealing/F*****g with some thug n****s tryna touch a couple racks/Whoever knew I’d be doing what I’m doing/That I am what I am cause I make a couple raps.”

It was a M.I.C. reunion in single “Loyalty.” It is perhaps this value that kept the trio together to dominate the Chicago Hip Hop scene.

I.L proclaims in this track’s hook it’s “death before dishonor.”

Mikey Dollaz hits this track, rapping, “I swear before I let a n****a touch mine, I’ma do more time/And I’m loyal to my bros and I’m clutch when it’s war time/I will die for my n****s, and M.I.C the movement/And I love it/And them others don’t cut it/That’s why I rock with who I rock with/That’s Momack, I.L and Lil Chris/And I know, when we all make it, we’ll be all talking about the past while some b*****s get naked/Everyday gone be a f*****g celebration.”

Lil Chris follows, rapping, “We was just some young n****s on that trap s**t/I was working packs until I got with Momack’s s**t/We came a long way way and made a name in this rap s**t/I’ve never killed nobody, but for them n****s I will clap s**t/We all got the same goal and that’s to get paid/Me and Mikey been killing s**t since the third grade/We used to ball when that n***a had a bald fade/And I.L my lil bro until I see the grave.”

I.L explains why it is death before dishonor, rapping, “I will never change on my n****s, no way/We started this s**t together tryna get paid/Yeah, I love my n****s, we done come a long way/All that way from from (?) to that “Next 2 Blow” tape/I be Komack, I’m forever Stain Gang/ Bros before h*es, I just f**k ladies/I know we have our differences and s**t be crazy/But no amount of money can separate me.”

I.L and Lil Durk love everything foreign, including their women, clothes and cars.

I.L professes his love for foreign, rapping, “I don’t want it if it ain’t foreign/Got double cups and I’m pouring/My bank roll enormous/Got a foreign b***h, she gorgeous/Pull up in that jag yeah, I’m sitting on them forgies/Horse shoes on my a–, they call me designer shorty.”

Durk raps, “My b****s, they foreign/My cars, they foreign/If you ain’t got no money, them you is boring/I’m sipping that lean, it got me snoring/Me and the squad, we all go hard and everything foreign.”

I.L’s spitfire lyricism strikes again as he sprays off a “100 Rounds” of bars, rapping, “B***h, I got them streets talking/Pop a flat, now I’m Kemo walking/Up the 40 like get up off me/Crack heads be bending on me/Yeah they heard I got the Tony, it’s my time no macaroni/I’m a Mac-a-Roni got your b***h up on me/I.L turning up like each and every morning/Dope god I’m smoking potent/run a train like a locomotive/See a opp, I’ma do him bogus/Disappear him like Hocus Pocus/Doing crimes, I ain’t got a motive/Up next, it ain’t hard to notice/I’m rolling hard, I’m losing focus.”

I.L catches a “Murder” rap in his next track. I.L boldly compares himself to Shawn Carter in this track and with good reason. I.L lays this track to rest, rapping, “Murder was the case that gave me cause I slay beats/I can’t let my mama see my die because of these streets/I ain’t get no hand out, growing up ain’t s**t sweet/N****s gossiping, can yall hop up off my d**k please?/Regardless of the f**k s**t, I will still remain G/R.I.P. to big G, R.I.P. to mank G/Most of yall rap n****s is lazy, s**t is crazy/Don’t compare me to you, just compare me to the Jay-Zs.”

The Dope god and Bop King collaborated for the track “No Manners.” I.L and Dlow show their a– on this track like they weren’t raised no better.

I.L raps, “I’m blowing Loud, I’m True’d down/I’m in the streets, I’ll blow you down/I’m in the foreign, I’ma ride around/I’ma Komack boy from K-Town/B***h, we ain’t got no manners/We’ll lay you down with the bop king/He need a crown, it’s my money, I need a crown.”

Dlow is known to do his thing on the dance floor, but showed he could also show his skills behind the mic, rapping, “B***h, I ain’t got no manners, I be posted up with that hammer/On the block, be going bananas, b***h I’m snapping like a camera/Tell I.L to bring them flats, on my body I got tats/I be bopping on the mac/Keep yo body, I want neck/Got a bad b***h with me/Got loud pack with me.”

I.L recorded a track for all the body art fanatics. In the track “Wicked Tatts,” I.L proudly boasts his body art, rapping, “My stomach, arm, my neck and chest/Fill em up with wicked tats/I.L known for tats and flats,true religion that’s finesse/Stomach drop a money bag/Tats say R.I.P. to Fatz/Body look like artwork, so it ain’t no turning back/Yeah, I got them wicked tats/Bow leg keep me getting that/Tattoos on my neck and chest, that’s what you b*****s looking at/Love and pain, yeah I’m the man/Left arm tatted KTG/Only rock with wicked tats, think I fell in love with ink.”

I.L again professes he values loyalty in the single “Forever” where he raps, “Forever, forever, I’m strapped with the metal, you know better/Don’t care if she bad, I’m just f*****g her a–, I’m not calling her, I ain’t gonna sweat her/I’m next up, I’m better, I’m counting this cheddar, the rest of you boys need to catch up/I’m flexing, finessing, my swagger the best, and your b***h steady sending me messages.”

I.L shows his versatility as an artist in single “Gone” where he muses on the thought of essentially being ghost from the world.

I.L raps, “I take a blunt of kushy to the dome/Need some time to myself, I cut off my phone/Ever since I was a shorty, I was on my own/And I don’t need no b***h, I rather be alone/I’m thinking to myself like what I’m doing wrong/And I won’t shed a tear, I just gone write a song/My homie died, I felt like I was left alone/Suicide, pull the trigger while it’s at my dome/And watch you b*****s miss while I’m gone/My ex b****s mad cause I moved on/And I’m a worker, all my skin drew on/I’m talking from the heart, been quiet too long.”

I.L continues to grow as an artist and showed some aspects of his artistry that hasn’t been seen before. I.L’s mixtape title “Problem Child” is fitting as the rapper shows that his lyricism can undeniably shake up the Chicago Hip Hop sphere. I.L will eventually use his talents to go toe to toe with the industry. When this happens, he will let it definitely be know he is a problem for the art of Hip Hop.

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