I.L Will Speaks On Fake Friends In ‘F*ck With U’ Music Video

I.L Will has learnt a lot about so-called friends and life. I.L knows associates tend to not come around when you don’t have anything.

I.L may have had to fend for himself, but made it through the struggle. He was down bad, but is now on the come up. I.L is Trued up in his A Zae Production.

He raps, “When I was f****d up, they didn’t know a n***a/Change a 30 to a fifty, I’ma blow a n***a/We was riding steamers, now we in them foreigns, n***a/That b***h just want me for my money, she a gold digger.”

This TimmyDaHitman-produced record appears on I.L’s newly released self-titled mixtape. Check out I.L Will’s “F*ck With U” music video above.