Hypno Carlito and Lil Varney Drop ‘Forever’ Music Video

Hypno Carlito and Lil Varney of OTF say they want it “Forever.” The two artists hit the City in their new DIB. Ent music video.

Hypno raps, “Hard work and dedication put a n*gga on/Hurt my heart to know you wanna see a n*gga fall/Wanna see my n*ggas ball cause this sh*t is hard/Live it up cause nowadays we ain’t living long.”

Varney raps, “Build my own empire got these n*ggas hating, number one spot, yeah we right here/My day one n*ggas, b*tch we right here.”

Joshua Beatz was behind the production on this record.

Check out the video above and tell us what you think.