Houston Rapper Slim Thug Questions Chris Bosh’s Sexuality

Chris Bosh can’t seem to catch a break. His sexuality has long been in question and rapper Lil’ Wayne claims to have had sex with his wife Adrienne Bosh.

Not to mention, his wife was recently exposed as a Hip Hop groupie.

Houston rapper Slim Thug recently took to social media to weigh in on Bosh’s sexuality.

“I bet Bosh ready to back to Toronto ni**as won’t give him a break They say he gay Wayne say he f*cked his wife he gone bad one day,” the “So High” rapper wrote on his Twitter account.

The ‘So High” rapper later uploaded a photo to his Instagram account of Bosh in a compromising position.

“How the hell do Chris Bosh get caught in so many #Pause poses,” the caption of the photo read.

Is Bosh getting a bad rap these days? Sound off below