HG Locks Reigns As ‘Caesar’ In The Boogie Down Bronx In New Song

They call HG Locks “Caesar” in his jungle. That jungle is the Boogie Down Bronx. Hunned Gang resides there. According to Locks, his squad is full of apes and they hold sh-t down there.

Haters want to see Locks fall, but he will never give them that satisfaction.

He will, however, flex his threatening rhymes on rivals. Locks goes ape sh-t in his WildBoyAce-produced record, rapping, “They call me a Caesar for a reason, planet of apes is in effect and it’s our season/Just know that we that new wave and it’s the revolution/The realest rap so wipe your minds from all that weak pollution.”

This single appears on HG Locks’ upcoming mixtape “The Wake Up Call,” which is slated to drop soon.