Gucci Mane’s Lawyer Reveals Why Guwop Was Released From Prison Early

Gucci Mane was released from prison Thursday afternoon. This came as a surprise to many because he was scheduled to be released from Terre Haute penitentiary on Sept. 20, according to Federal Bureau of Prison’s records website.

Guwop’s attorney, Drew Findling, explained the circumstances that led to the southern Trap God’s release during an interview with XXL Mag.

Findling explained Gucci was properly credited for the time he spent in jail while awaiting trial.

“The reason for his release date is myself and my legal team took the position that he was not properly deemed and then credited for the time he was incarcerated while waiting for his case to go to court,” Findling told XXL. “We filed a series of motions after which being considered, the court signed an order in agreement with us. Bailor was sent to the Bureau of Prisons and his sentence was adjusted accordingly and he was released.”

Gucci is leasing a home in Atlanta, and won’t be able to travel without permission. Guwop is not looking to travel until he’s reportedly on supervised release because he’ll have greater flexibility.

Gucci Mane, whose birth name is Radric Davis, was sentenced to 39 months in prison in August 2014, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Guwop pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in May. The 35-year-old Bricksquad 1017 boss reportedly reached a plea deal with prosecutors to serve three years and three months in prison. He faced a maximum of 10 years in jail after being arrested on two counts of felony gun possession.

The “I Heard” rapper was arrested Friday, Sept. 14, 2013 after authorities found him in an erratic state with a Glock 40-caliber handgun and 11 rounds of ammunition, according to court documents obtained by AJC. Davis was discovered two days before on Sept. 12 with a Taurus 45-caliber handgun and eight rounds of ammunition.