GMEBE Allo Announces ‘If It Wasn’t For Rap’ Mixtape, Wants To Work With G Herbo, Lud Foe and Lil Durk

GMEBE Allo is coming hard in 2017. The Chicago rapper linked with Hip Hops Revival to give the inside scoop on his upcoming mixtape “If It Wasn’t For Rap.”

“I’m working on a new project. I’ma drop a new mixtape – ‘If It Wasn’t For Rap: The Mixtape,’” Allo said. “I’m really telling y’all what it is if it wasn’t for rap. How motherf*****s treat me, where I come from.”

Allo said his music helped not only himself, but others around him.

“Rap helped me out in a lot of ways. It keep me going through the day just knowing I changed other people’s lives,” Allo said. “People hit me all the time like my music good, help them get through their day. It feel good to be rapping and changing other people’s lives. Rap helped me out in a lot of ways. I reach people through my music. …To sum it all up, rap good for me. It helped me stay focused. It really keep me going for the haters, for my fans.”

Allo is most excited about the upcoming release of his song “In My Feelings.”

“I really can’t wait to put it out cause it’s gon touch you. It’s describing motherf*****s, they in they feelings about me, and I’m in my feelings about them.”

Allo said he has song with Edai of Team600.

“I got some s**t coming with Edai,” Allo said. “He 600. I’m f*****g with a couple Detroit artists right now.”

Allo said he hopes to with some of Chicago’s most promising artists.

“I’m f*****g with Lud Foe,” he said. “I like Dreezy. She hot right now. G Herbo, Lil Durk.”