Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman Says Single Mothers ‘Expect Government Handouts’

Wisconsin state senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) appeared on Fox News Talk Radio with Alan Colmes to discuss his proposed Senate Bill 507, which would consider single parenthood to be a contributing factor to child abuse.

Grothman blamed the government for “pushing the single parenthood lifestyle” and said they are doing it with all the “benefit programs, which primarily benefit single motherhood.”

He further argued that “popular culture” and “social services” have encouraged a “single motherhood lifestyle.”

Grothman said women today are settling to be single mothers because “some or many expect government handouts.” This mentality, he said, will put children at risk.

“Unless somebody begins to speak up on the damages to the children, our future children are at risk,” he said.

“The entire social services establishment are so concerned about being politically correct they have allowed this illegitimacy rate to skyrocket in our country. Unless somebody begins to ring the bell, that illegitimacy rate will continue to skyrocket.”

Listen to Grothman discuss his bill on Fox News