George Zimmerman’s Brother Fears Vigilantes Will Take Law Into Own Hands

Robert Zimmerman Jr. fears there will be individuals plotting retribution for the death of Trayvon Martin against his brother George.

Robert appeared in an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan to say his brother fears for his safety.

“We have always feared for his safety and our safety as a family,” he said. “Clearly, he’s a free man in the eyes of the court, but he’s going to be looking around the shoulder for the rest of his life.”

Robert fears vigilantes will seek their own form of justice.

“There are factions, there are groups, there are people who would want to take the law into their own hands as they perceive it or be vigilantes in some sense that they think justice was not served,” Robert explained. “They won’t respect the verdict no matter how it was reached. And they will always present a threat to George and his family.”

The jury, comprised of six women, deliberated for more than 16 hours before finding George Zimmerman not guilty Saturday night.

Zimmerman and attorneys smiled after the verdict was read.

Martin left his father’s fiancé’s home on a rainy Feb. 26 night to pick up snacks. Zimmerman, who was acting as neighborhood watch, pursued Martin after deeming the Miami-Dade teen suspicious.

Zimmerman shot 17-year-old Martin following a confrontation. Zimmerman alleged he was acting in self-defense.

If convicted of second-degree murder, Zimmerman could have been sentenced to a minimum of 25 years without parole and a maximum of life in prison.

A lesser charge of manslaughter could have given Zimmerman up to a 30-year prison sentence.

Watch Robert Zimmerman’s Piers Morgan interview below

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