Gay Assistant Hollywood Appears In Bed With NFL Player Kerry Rhodes In New Trailer

NFL player Kerry Rhodes plans to release a new reality show featuring his personal assistant Russell “Hollywood” Simpson.

A trailer has surfaced online showing the two going about their daily routine.

Rhodes praised Simpson as a part of his trustworthy “team.”

“A team that has some people around you in your circle that you know you can trust and know that has your best interest at hand is the only way to be in this life,” Rhodes said.

“At this point in my life I needed somebody to come in,” he continued.

Rhodes referred to Simpson as his “right hand man.”

“My right and my left,” he said. “Takes care of anything I need to get taken care of.

“You can only rep your style and game up to another level.”

Simpson likened Kerry to a “brother” in the trailer.

Simpson outed Rhodes as being gay a month ago following the leak of controversial images of the two.

Rhodes has vehemently denied being homosexual.

It will be very interesting see how close these two are when the series hits. No word yet on when show will debut.

Check out the trailer below

Check out vid of Hollywood speaking on intimate relationship with Rhodes below