G Herbo Speaks On Shootout At First Show In Chiraq

As everyone knows, a G Herbo show can get wild. Herb’s first performance might’ve been his craziest show experience. The NLMB rapper recounted a shootout occurring at his first show experience during a ride along in B-Real’s Smoke Box.

“My first show, my very first show was crazy,” Herb explained. “It was in Chicago on 79th and Vernon, I’ll never forget it, at a little bitty club, bar lounge-type s**t. It was packed full and everything. We did our thing and something happened with my homie on stage. They was tryna grab Bibby, and me and Bibby was doing the ‘Kill Sh*t.’ They tried to grab Bibby and we got in a scuffle with the security. [We] fought all the security, f****d the place up. Shooting going on at the show. It was crazy.”

Watch Herb explain it above.