G Herbo Says ‘No Limitations’ Album With Lil Bibby Will Be Crazy

G Herbo and Lil Bibby are the culture’s dynamic duo. Herb confirmed to DJ Pharris of Power 92 Chicago that him and Bibby are indeed working a joint album.

“We working on our album, our first duo album ‘No Limitations,’” Herb said. “It’s really like our prized possession cause we started off rapping together. But we was never a group, always solo artists. All the songs we was doing was really just us playing around unofficial. They was pulling all our songs making compilation tapes out of it. This our first body of work where we locking in the studio focused. With both of us having the growth we been having, it’s gon be crazy. I know it is.”

Herb first announced “No Limitations” during an interview with This Is 50’s Young Jack Thriller.

“Me and Bibby got some crazy s**t coming,” Herb told Jack Thriller. “It’s gon be an album. We gon put that together. It’s gon be special cause it’s our first official project together. A lot of people put out collages of our song that we did and just made projects that did well. It’s gonna be our first official project that we put the time and energy into it, and just promote it the right way. It’s gon be real big though. We gon tour off it. Ain’t nothing but good opportunities gon come from it.”

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Bibby hinted a collaborative project was on the way during an interview with DJ MoonDawg of 107.5 WCGI Chicago in November 2015. Bibby said the project would drop in early 2016.

“We actually working on that now, so you can probably be on the look out for that maybe February, January,” Bibby said. “I don’t like giving dates. Every time I give a date, the fans be on my back. They be cursing me under my Instagram comments. …I’m guessing February.”

Bibby teased the possibility of a joint project with Herb during his Revolt TV interview.

Bibby told MoonDawg in May 2014 that him and Herb chose to focus on their solo careers before linking up on joint project.

“That’s like a little brother to me,” Lil Bibby said. “We just working, man. I put out my mixtape first then he dropped his right after mine. We might be doing something together in the future.

“…Right now, we on our solo thing,” he continued.” In the future we might link up and do something like Outkast or something.”

Lil Herb echoed similar sentiment during an interview with XXL Mag.

“At the end of the day, we solo artists. Separate artists, but we homies at the end of the day,” he explained. “I know a lot of fans when we rap together. We ain’t gonna stop doing s— like that. We still gonna drop a tape together after we drop our separate mixtapes.”

Lil Bibby and Lil Herb have collaborated on a slew of tracks, including, “At Night,” Know Something,” “Heir Apparents,” “Lil Herb & Lil Bibby,” “We Do This Sh*t For Y’all,” “A Year Ago,” “All I Got” and “Donations,” to name a few.