G Herbo Says He’s Dropping Debut Album ‘Humble Beast’ This Fall

Earlier this year, G Herbo announced his debut album would be titled “Humble Beast.” Herb revealed this project will be available this Fall during his XXL Freshman profile.

“I’m dropping an album this fall, so I just been recording,” Herb said. “…I’m prepping for my album, making sure it’s perfect. Not rushing it, but put it together the right way. We definitely gon drop this fall before the end of the year. It’s gon be something big.”

G Herbo’s album title has special significance to him, explaining its meaning during an interview with Vlad TV.

“I first heard that from my homie,” Herb explained. “He play basketball. I seened it and I related to it. Humble beat, it means, first of all, growing up in the jungle you become a beast. When you adapt to it, it turn you into a beast. That’s what the jungle is made of – beasts. Being a humble beast is using your head, being humble, down to earth. …You bring the beast out when it’s time. You let the beast speak for itself. …I let my music and my brand speak for itself. I am a beast and I’m humble.”