G Herbo Says Famous Dex Is His Homie

G Herbo is hopeful Chicago will change for the better in the future. Since the rise of Chicago’s music scene, Herb revealed he has noticed more unity in his hometown.

Herb opened up on working with fellow artists, namely Famous Dex, in his hometown during his Smoke Box interview with B-Real of Cypress Hill.

“Two to three years ago, me and Famous Dex, we didn’t cross paths,” Herb said. “You wouldn’t even think we would ever talk. We wouldn’t f**k with each other or nothing. But now, he cool. That’s my homie. We be shopping and s**t together.”

Herb and Famous Dex’s bromance is no act.

Herb took to IG congratulate the Heartbreak Kid on his success.

His caption read, “Lol dis lil dirty ass lil boyy blackkiinnnnnnnn @famousdex I love seeing my n***s [s**t] when we come from #shittt @famousdex wya b***h??? Dat way.”

We first saw Dex and Herb briefly together when they were at King Of Diamonds in Chicago last September.

Herb later filmed himself doing Dex’s dance.

Since then, the two have been low key inseparable.

We are still waiting on that song collaboration, though.