Fredo Santana Returns To Chiraq!

The King is back!

Fredo Santana has returned to his kingdom of Chiraq. The SSR boss posted a photo of himself at the airport onto his IG account.

#Chiraq the king is back ???

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Fredo hails from 61st and Indiana in South Side Chicago.

Fredo always had aspirations of being a legendary figure in Chicago.

“I told myself when I was little, You’re young. You’re ten years old, no bullsh*t. I’m gonna be the biggest drug dealer in Chicago, or I’m gonna be the biggest rapper, I’m gonna be the biggest movie star,” he told Noisey. “I’m gonna make something, I need to be just big.”

Fredo told Noisey he was famous in Chicago before cousin Chief Keef’s viral “I Don’t Like” music video.

“I was just really known in the streets,” he said. “Everybody knew me from everywhere. Even opposite gang members, all around. I’ve been sellin drugs since 12 years old.”

Unfortunately, Sosa cannot return to Chicago.

Chief Keef has outstanding warrants in the Windy City, and could be arrested if he steps foot in his hometown.

Sosa said he left Chicago to get away from the police in Noisey’s Chicago documentary.

Sosa said it’s “dangerous” for him to be in Chicago. Sosa said he can’t “step a foot” without people rushing him.

“Then you got police and people you can’t trust, all type of stuff going on,” he continued. “I’m like a god in Chicago.”

Glo Gang members Capo and Blood Money met unfortunate fates after visiting Chicago.

Sosa was asked his thoughts on the murders of Cap and Blood.

“It’s alright,” he said. “Just gotta keep moving forward, do better. It was crazy. That’s my cousin. But he did wrong thing. I don’t even wanna talk about that.”