Fredo Santana & Lil Herb Grind In New Single ‘Clockwork’

Fredo Santana celebrated the release of his solo debut album “Trappin Ain’t Dead” earlier this week. But the celebration was short-lived because Fredo gotta keep his grind going like “Clockwork.”

Fredo does just that in new single featuring Lil Herb.

Fredo gets to work, rapping, “Go all the way back when I was a young nigga/got my first pack, fell in love with drug dealing/I was hungry and thirsty and I’m still is/That’s why I grind hard like I got six kids/New car, new house, that’s what them bricks did/New jewelry, new kicks, that’s what them licks did/I was born fucked up, I wasn’t a rich kid/Just a young hustler that knew how to flip shit.”

Lil Herb follows Fredo, rapping, “Six o’clock, jamming bags, that’s that clockwork/M-O-B, fuck a bitch, I put the block first/In the trap, fuck a job, that’s where I work/On that eight pushing weight til my arms hurt/And this bezel on my wrist, it make arms hurt/No conversation, I got this 30, I’ma spark first.”

Head over iTunes to purchase Fredo Santana’s “Trappin Ain’t Dead” by clicking here.

Listen to Fredo Santana’s “Clockwork” featuring Lil Herb

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