Fredo Santana Disses Spike Lee’s ‘Chi-Raq,’ Calls Filmmaker A ‘Culture Vulture’

Fredo Santana is not too happy with Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq” film. The SSR boss took to Twitter to call Spike’s feature film “trash.”

“@SpikeLee yo movie was weak as hell… f****g trash Ima show u how to make a chiraq movie the real version

“F**k that Chiraq movie,” Fredo wrote.

Fredo went on to call Spike Lee a “culture vulture” for exploiting their term “Chiraq.”

“@SpikeLee u culture vulture we made that name going thru war fighting for our lives,” he wrote.

Fredo was leery of Spike Lee’s project after the trailer hit the net.

Soon after Lil Reese stated he had no comment on the trailer, Fredo wrote, “It’s not authentic we the real CHIRAQ lol.”

Fredo then accused Spike and his team of profiting off of the City’s struggle.

“They should of name that movie something else using wat we went thru an still going thru to make money is no cool,” he wrote on Twitter.